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About us




We live in the world where, thanks to accessibility

and affordability of technologies and equipment, producing a

show-product is a non-expensive and a non-time wasting process.


We live in the world of exhibitions, shows,

movie presentations, concerts, run walks,

                          artistic meetings, installations, premieres festivals, etc...                                            

We live in the world that generates

new photo artists, movie directors and operators,

fashion designers, plays directors, musicians...

They all need modern and accessible ticket-buying technologies!


We live in the world that has become very small. The Internet had shortened distance and time.

It became a main ground for the human communications.

We live in the world where there is no place for time-wasting

senseless movements.

We live in the world where a modern spectator wants to bye a ticket to a show without leaving his computer!

(Ticket is a document that certifies your right of visiting an event)


We are absolutely certain!

The world is becoming creative!

Thousands of people leave corporate

and industrial structures for the purpose

of a creative self-realization.

Every day a new show-product is created.

Ticket market is growing.

A desire to buy a ticket vanishes when it becomes a

complicated, long and hard process.

New Ticket Technologies are in demand!

ShowBeep Team