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Events management

  • Add your events absolutely for free.

  • Receive reports and diagrams of your ticket sales in the real-time regime.

  • For control of your events you' l need Internet only.



Seating layout architect

  • Use offered lay-outs of well-known concert halls and theaters.
  • In a matter of minutes create your own lay-out of the audience seatings.
  • We are the first who offers you this unique service.



Mobile Box-Office

  • Convenient CASHIER's interface.
  • Everything you need is a computer, a printer and the internet.
  • Create your own mobile ticket selling network.



Mobile ticket

  • Participants in our events receive ticket by e-mail and to their cell phone.
  • Tickets are scanned right from you smartphone screens.
  • No more paperwork nonsense.                  




Ticket scanner

  • Scan tickets with our applications to your iPhones / iPads / iPods and Androids.

  • Receive reports on every scanning in a real-time regime.
  • Tearing-off tickets time is long left in the past.


Brending and promotion

  • Creating your event page with us, you are getting a ready-to -use site.
  • You are getting an access to all the popular social networks, a chance to inform your potential customers without wasting big budgets on advertisement.
  • If you have your own website, just add a link to your event on our portal using one additional button.