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Event Management


This is crucial. We don't sell your tickets. We give you a modern instrument that helps you fully conduct your events and your ticket sales.


  •    You create your own show page.




  • You advertise your own show by using all the popular social networks.




  • With a push of a button your show becomes your event on Facebook.




  • You follow each ticket sale in real-time regime. 



ShowBeep for Managers - is and ideal instrument for the events advertisement and for stimulation of your ticket sales grouth.



  • You can create your own team of in-office and free-lance staff, cashiers, ticket-collectors...




  • You can change tickets price (do your own flexible tickets price changes during sales).



  • Promptly react to any changes ( working on comments, wishes, remarks).





  • Using on-line report system.





  • Create your own clients files system. Personally recognize each of your clients. Create your own relationship history with each of your clients.





  • Prepare in advance needed amounts of company tickets, invitations, that include private information.




 We charge from each ticket...

  In Russia 2,9% + 29 roubles       In Moldova 2,9% + 9 lei