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Mobile ticket



A ticket is a document certifying your right to attend an event.



  • It's a ticket that a spectator has in his pocket from the moment it was electronically paid for.
  • It's a ticket that every spectator gets by his e-mail and on his cell phone.


  • It's a ticket that you don’t' have to print out, you can just show it's pictogram from a screen of your smart phone, cell phone or camera.
  • It's a ticket that is personalized by it's owner's personal data.




  • It's a ticket that a show manager can use for printing on it any technical, commercial or special information free of charge.
  • It's a ticket that can validate it's owner in a matter of seconds with the usage of  Ticket scanner.


We charge from each ticket...

  In Russia 2,9% + 29 roubles       In Moldova 2,9% + 9 lei