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QIWI Moldova payment instruction


How to pay your ticket through QIWI terminal: 

1. Choose «QIWI Moldova» as your payment method.


2. Futhther, if you agree with Terms of service, press the «Finish purchase» button.


3. Write your account number down! You'll need to enter it for making pyment at QIWI Terminal. You have 2 hours to make a payment. 


4Choose QIWI payment terminal. It can be easily recognized by 3 bright buttons on it's monitor interface and a friendly orange bird, accompanying you through all stages of your payment. Addresses of terminals: http//


5.  On the main screen of QIWI terminal press «OTHER SERVICES».   


6. When the next screen appears press «SHOWBEEP».



7. Enter the «Account number».               


8. Confirm that entered information is correct.


Attention! There are no change returns done by the terminal. If the summ of your payment is "uneven", you can deposit  your change on your cell phone account or to fill in your virtual wallet...

Fee of 5% can be added